The PodArt Story


Beauty IN NATURE, from the beginning to the very end.

PodArt is the creative brainchild of Natalia Szidon. Natalia’s striking, large-scale wall art is fashioned from locally foraged finds and other natural elements—notably pods—and interlaid with surprising additions like gems and metals.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.08.54 PM.png

“To me, the ‘pod’ in PodArt represents both the end and the beginning of the growing cycle and the inspiration for my work. PodArt evolved naturally from my life-long love affair with plants, flowers and custom jewelry. Working with an array of shapes and textures like seeds and nuts, twigs and feathers, lichen and moss, beads and glass, I create natural, multi-dimensional collages. Although most of the elements in my work come straight from nature, I like to adorn them with unexpected touches. At some level, PodArt is the culmination of my love for gardening and my life experiences in floral, interior and jewelry design. I hope you enjoy my PodArt compositions as much as I enjoy creating them.”

— Natalia Szidon