A friend approached me with an interesting concept for her wedding guest book.  She was planning a small wedding in Lake Tahoe with a theme of rustic elegance.  Since she liked PodArt, she envisioned one of my organic wall hangings as a permanent reminder of her and her husband's special day.  Excited about the uniqueness of her idea, I immediately began planning its layout:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am an avid recycler and user of repurposed things.  For the backing, instead of a pallet, I used a small redwood cabinet door.  I experimented with several different elements (cork, rice paper, etc,) as writing surfaces for the guests' signatures, but the reverse side of birch bark was my final choice.     

As you see in the above photos, I used foraged lichen covered bark and branches, pinecones collected my grandchildren and a sprinkling of star anise.  The latter is one of my favorite pods since it retains its scent for a long, long time.  I also inserted a beautiful yellow chunk of amber (2nd photo from the left) as a personal wish for longevity and good health.  This piece was truly a labor of love and, naturally, became my gift to the couple.  After the wedding, the bride texted me with the shot below:

Thank you, M.G.S., for the opportunity to make your special day even more memorable.