Blue Agate and Cork Bark

This rather intricate piece took 3 months to complete.  The sheer dimensions of it (2'x5') and the vast array of both foraged and bought components challenged both my creativity and artistry.  In the photo above,  the work is only 90% finished, pictures of the finished product will certainly appear in a future post.  What I loved most about this project was the free rein, the artistic carte blanche so to speak, that I was given by L.B., the best patroness any artist could ever wish for. 

The only stipulation for the commissioned piece was that it blend with the warm, earthy tones of the very large space it would occupy.  Since the combined living and dining spaces exhibited touches of sporadic blues, the first elements that came to mind for the piece were slices of blue agate.  They ended up providing little pools of clarity among the neutral hues of assorted pods, pinecones, acorns, cacti skeletons, mosses, cork chunks and birch bark sections.

The piece hangs above a rugged fossilized wood console table, and it's flanked by two large windows that reveal abstract art hung on the outside of the home.  Intrigued?!  More is sure to follow...

lulu's piece  sideview.jpg

Thank you, dear L.B., I loved working on this for your beautiful home.